What is Deviap?

A cross-platform open source engine with one aim: to simplify the process of developing online 3D multiplayer experiences.

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Infrastructure that scales

We manage and scale the infrastructure required for low latency multiplayer experiences at no cost, that's one less thing to worry about.

Open source

Building your content in an open-source platform has one major advantage: your experiences are truely yours, and not held back by some closed source platform.


One of the fun ideas behind Deviap was to make language bindings relatively easy to implement. Currently, we have LuaJIT and C#(.NET6).*

Cross platform

Experiences created with Deviap embrace our platform agnostic API, which means that they will work on any platform Deviap supports. We generally want to support as many platforms as possible!

Development tools

We love VS Code, so we created a VS Code extension that allows you to debug your experiences on any device, remotely or not.


Deviap has a built in "package manager" of sorts. For example, we use it to publish useful libraries for getting started with developing games.

Command line interfacing

Our command line interface is quite nice, you can run command line tools created by others or write your own using C# or Lua.


We use similar tech to what you might see in Web Browsers to keep your users safe. Applications with Deviap must explicitly request access before being granted access to things such as your filesystem.

3D and Physics

We've played around with 3D and physics, but for now let's just say they're a WIP.

Sweet sweet CLI

The command line interface is kinda nifty, have a look:

> deviap
deviap <command>

deviap run <app>
deviap init
deviap install <package>
deviap alias <alias> <package>
> deviap init
Loading deviap/init from deviap.com

     _            _                  
    | |          (_)                 
  __| | _____   ___  __ _  ___ _ __  
 / _` |/ _ \ \ / / |/ _` |/ _ \ '_ \
| (_| |  __/\ V /| | (_| |  __/ | | |
 \__,_|\___| \_/ |_|\__, |\___|_| |_|
                    __/ |           

devigen - Initialise a new project!
This tool was written with .NET 6 and Deviap
Package name:

> deviap run rb-conv ./my-inferior-file.example ./my-superior-output.deviob
Loading john/rb-conv from deviap.com

This one hasn't actually been written yet, oh my!

The timeline

Here is a basic summary of what might happen when. This is a rough timescale, things could be early or late, Deviap is currently maintained by 1 developer.

14th February

Announce Deviap and kinda explain what it is.

Work on those docs

Hmm, we should be working on a docs site between 1 and 3...


We're experiencing a temporary delay here. We currently only have one developer on the project, and we haven't been able to spend the time necessary to port Deviap to the necessary platforms (MacOS ready. Linux and Windows TBC). Once we find a few days to work on the project, we'll post an update to our Discord server.

Release documentation and messy source code (feel free to fix this) and initial binaries for developer consumption.


Release networking support, infrastructure and begin alpha testing


General update (tbc) - improvements to physics, graphics, networking


Release a general update (tbc)

The future...

VR, AR, More platforms?

Get involved

Experience with C++ and interested in helping maintain our open-source engine? Or maybe you want to create something epic with Lua or C#? Or maybe you just wanna help build a lovely community?

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* Quite a bit of this was shamelessly thrown together without any sanity or thought about performance. We might need to refactor a lot since this is a game engine we're talking about, but who cares? If it works, it works, right? What?